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"At the crossroads of fate, where will your beliefs lead you?"

"Artificial Wings" is an RPG game that focuses on storyline and multiple perspective rail shooting. The protagonist embarks on a journey to explore the mysterious and unknown old world, but the flying ship crashes on Whale Island due to unknown reasons. During the process of repairing the flying ship, the protagonist encounters Lilliana, a girl with a mysterious identity, and Captain Ryan of the Whale Island Patrol, and is not only caught in their conflicts and struggles, but also discovers some causality and secrets.

Screenshot GIF animation
Screenshot GIF animation
Screenshot GIF animation
Screenshot GIF animation
Multi-angle Rail Shooter Gameplay

Different perspectives allow you to experience the shooting and collection gameplay in the sky island world. No matter how the perspective is switched, you can easily play with just one mouse. It strives to make the game easy to learn and operate for any type of player, providing players with a variable game experience.

Screenshot of NPC quest
Screenshot of NPC quest
Help Residents and Obtain Desired Materials through Quests

Players can accept quests on the town map to solve problems for residents. Through flying levels, material synthesis, and exchange, players can obtain the necessary materials or goods. Some types of quests will affect the outcome of the game, so players need to carefully choose based on the content of the quest.

*Concept sketch

Concept sketch of flying ship inner
Concept sketch of the flying ship
Rebuilding Your Own Flying Ship

By flying and collecting materials to help residents, players can use them to rebuild their own aircraft. As the progress of repairing the aircraft increases, the main storyline will also advance.

Building What You Want at the Flying Ship

Returning to the flying ship allows for upgrades or component replacement, making items to make your next flight smoother. You can also decorate the interior of your cabin and create your own unique base.

Dialog Choices
Dialog Choices

In the storyline, players can choose their preferred options based on their own preferences and values. The accumulated choices will reflect in different branching endings.

Where Will Belief Lead the World?

At the moment of destiny, what kind of path will the protagonist's belief lead to?


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